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Save Our Seminary

25 Years of Preserving the Past for the Future at National Park Seminary

Save Our Seminary at Forest Glen (also known as SOS) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1988 and incorporated in 1989 to combat the neglect of the unique, beautiful and historic buildings and landscape of the National Park Seminary in Silver Spring, Maryland. The mission of SOS is to preserve the National Park Seminary, communicate its history, and guide its future. We work to achieve this mission by:

Preserving, protecting, and restoring the buildings, structures, objects, and landscape of the Seminary and its surroundings,

Communicating the Seminary’s history, beauty, and unique character through research, documentation, interpretation, instruction, and promotion to increase public awareness and support

Guiding the Seminary’s future by determining its appropriate use and treatment and ensuring public support and access.

SOS has about 300 members, including historic preservationists, Seminary alumnae, local residents, and civic leaders. SOS is directed and managed by a volunteer board of directors.