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National Park Seminary on TV

County Cable Montgomery’s program on local history, Paths to the Present, revisited NPS to see the progress made since their earlier program in 2000 when SOS was advocating to preserve the property. In the spring of 2014 they found the buildings and grounds revitalized as a residential community. Watch the updated 2014 program on the Montgomery County Website.

Other Organizations


Homeowners/Residents of the National Park Seminary

Alexander Company


Maryland Historical Trust

Kensington Historical Society

Montgomery County Historical Society

Montgomery Preservation, Inc.

Montgomery County Historic Preservation

National Park Seminary: A History by Kenneth R. Stephens

National Park Service History and Culture

National Register of Historic Places

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Preservation Maryland

Silver Spring Historical Society

Preserving Your Own Collections:

Archival Suppliers
Archival Products
P.O. Box 1413
Des Moines, IA 50306-1413
800-526-5640 • Fax 888-220-2397

Conservation Resources International, LLC
5532 Port Royal Road
Springfield, Virginia 22151
Phone: (800) 634-6932
Phone: (703) 321-7730
Fax: (703) 321-0629

Gaylord Bros.
PO Box 4901
Syracuse, NY 13221-4901
Phone: 1.800.962.9580
Fax: 1.800.272.3412

Light Impressions
PO Box 2100 Santa Fe Springs,
CA 90670
(800) 828-6216
Fax: (800) 828-5539

Hollinger Metal Edge, Inc.
Metal Edge Inc.
6340 Bandini Ave
Commerce, Ca 90040
phone: 800-634-0491
fax: 800-947-8814

University Products
Phone: 800.628.1912
Fax: 800.532.9281

Other Conservation Resources:

Guidelines for shelving volumes (from the National Archives)

Conservation Concerns: A Guide for Collectors and Curators by Konstanze Bachmann
(this is a classic—good all around info)